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Learning Styles

We all tend to favour a particular way of learning, some people prefer to read how to do something and work it out for themselves, while others like to watch someone demonstrate first and then have a go.

There is no wrong or right way, just personal preference, however the more we limit ourselves to one or two preferred options the greater the chance of us missing out on a greater and more informed learning experience.

Our teaching approach tries to use as many learning styles as possible to enhance and expand your child’s learning experiences.

Young children also have a preferred learning style however the more experiences of other learning styles they are exposed to and participate in the greater their ability to access and store information through a broader range of learning experiences.

The main learning style groups referred to by educators are:

Very rarely is someone wholly one learning style, we all tend to have aspects from at least a couple of the groups and we may use a different style depending on the task at hand, but will tend to lean more strongly to one preferred learning style. But it is easy to see how being open to all of the above could open up and enhance your learning potential.

This is why using a wide range of games and activities types and not just computerized games is so important and beneficial for your child in supporting them in reaching their full learning potential.