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Phonics Reading Lessons - Words and Sentences

Phonics reading should be taught in a systematic way, focusing on a set number of Sound Blocks each week. You should also refresh your child’s knowledge of the 44 Sound Blocks letter and letter combinations through a variety of games and activities, so that they don’t forget what they have already learnt.

Our recommendation for a typical weeks teaching is set out below. The sessions should last between 15 and 20 minutes.




Phonics Reading Week



We would recommend teaching in the following order:

Phonics Reading - Sound Block Teaching Order

Phonics Reading - Teaching Tips

If you choose to buy our Phonics ReadingTeaching Manual you will be provided with all the resources needed, including word lists, reading sentences and comprehension questions, together with 3 levels of comprehensive scripted lesson plans, that have been designed to engage with your child and are presented in an easy to use format.

Single Word Reading - Wednesday

Card Sort Game - Tuesday

What’s the Sound Block? - Monday

Single Word Reading - Thursday

Sentence Reading & Comprehension - Friday

Recap on sound to letter associations that haven’t been taught recently.  

Refresh on the sound to letter associations that are going to be used in the week for reading single words and sentences.

Your child should read up to 20 single words which only include the phonemes taught that week.

Your child should read up to 20 new words using the same approach as Wednesday.

Your child should read up to 15 words and up to 12 sentences and answer comprehension questions.