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Phonics Reading Teaching Manual

This teaching manual, and the accompanying website, has been written to demystify phonics, and was born out of our frustration at the lack of clear, comprehensive information about learning to read using phonics.

Our aim in this, and the other teaching manuals and websites we have written, is to empower the educator; whether that be a parent, carer or other educationalist.

Phonics Reading Module

The 20 week scheme comprises fully scripted, progressively structured, daily lessons (Monday to Friday) which are designed to take 10 to 20 minutes.

For the first 15 weeks the lessons:

Phonics is only a reading decoding tool (reproduce the sounds the letters represent) and so children need to learn other skills to be able to understand what they have read. We have therefore provided comprehension questions for each of our reading sentences to help your child develop this understanding of reading for meaning. The variety of comprehension questions helps your child to look at the structure of the sentence, its punctuation and the meaning of individual words to extract information from it as well as being able to understand what is implied by it (inference).

The remaining 5 weeks teach:

The Phonics for Reading Module is a 20 week scheme, consisting of three levels of scripted daily lessons. The beginner, intermediate and advanced levels all have identical teaching goals; they just provide varying degrees of support for your child based on their needs. You can interchange between the levels over the 20 weeks to provide the appropriate support for you child.

The weekly sound, word lists and three levels of reading sentences and associated comprehension questions are provided, together with the other games and resources to teach the lessons.

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