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Phonics Teaching Manual

This teaching manual, and the accompanying website, has been written to demystify phonics, and was born out of our frustration at the lack of clear, comprehensive information about learning to read and spell using phonics.

Our aim in this, and the other teaching manuals and websites we have written, is to empower the educator; whether that be a parent, carer or other educationalist.

Phonics Module

The 19 fully scripted lessons, that are designed to take 20 to 30 minutes, explain and help you teach:

All the games and resources to teach the lessons are included in the module.

The Phonics Module lessons are further supported by the website,, providing you with the relevant sounds and animations showing the link between the letters and sounds in words.

Dependent on the age and prior knowledge of your child, we would expect them to complete each lesson, including playing the associated games and activities to reinforce their knowledge, over the course of a week.

Teaching Ethos

The Lessons


Lesson Layout

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