Phonological awareness stages 8 - 10

Phonological awareness relates to our sensitivity and understanding of the sound structures of our oral language. It enables us to progress from our awareness of large sound units (words in sentences) to smaller sound units (phonemes in words). It also incorporates the ways in which we communicate through speech, body language and written forms.

The phonics stages below are listed in a developmental order. Against each stage we have provided an age range guide based on research, which shows when most children develop the various phonological awareness skills.

Stage 8 (Phonics) - (4 years - 7+ years)

Your child will learn the sound (phoneme) and letter (grapheme) correspondence and develop an understanding that some sounds can be represented by more than one letter. They will learn that letters have names and are used to represent sounds in written words.

Stages 9 & 10 - (5 years - 7+ years)

Your child will learn to use phonics to help decode words for reading and assist in encoding words for spelling. Reading requires them to convert the letters to sounds, to say the words, and spelling requires them to turn the sounds into letters, to write the word.