Pre-phonics skills

Pre-phonics skills are the continual development of a child's understanding and knowledge of our spoken language as well as other communication forms such as gestures, facial expressions, body language, social conventions and the written form.

Phonological awareness stages 1 - 7

Information on the 7 stages of phonological awareness needed to be learnt before phonics.

Alphabet knowledge

Why, and how, to teach the alphabet letter names.

Speaking and listening

Tips on supporting a child to develop their speaking and listening skills.

Parentese and baby talk

Speaking parentese to your baby.

Word awareness

Helping a child to build their vocabulary and the meaning of words in different situations for good communication skills.

Turn taking

Tips to help a child develop thier turn taking skills for conversation and play.

Gestures and signing

Why simple gestures and signing is a great way to help your child express their needs.